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Welcome to FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. This is where you come to find answers to your un-solved qustions on the site.

Your Profile.

  1. How do I check my messages?

    • Start off by going to your profile.
    • Then under your user picture, there is a link called "Inbox" click on that..

    • There you may see any messages anyone has sent you, and messages you have respond to. You may click the "Compost Mail" to send messages to friends that you have on your friend list.
  2. How do I except someone friend requst?

    • In your inbox where you check your mail or messages. There is a tab called friend requst, Go there and it will show you anyone who sent you a friend requst and give you the opition to exept it or deny it.
  3. How do I send a friend request?

    • You can go to anyones profile and send them a friend request.
    • You may go to the "Members" tab and view any members on the site.
    • Click on one of the members profile to view it.
    • Where your inbox would be on your profile is where the "Add as friend" opition is.
    • When you click that opition you will be sending a friend request to that person.
    • He/She will except it when they do.
  4. How do I edit my profile?

    • First go to your profile.
    • Then where your "Inbox" is underneath it there is an "Edit Profile" opition.
    • There you can type stuff and add pictures, ect. to your profile for anyone to see.
  5. How do I add a picture to my profile?

    • Find a picture you want.
    • Right click it.
    • Go to "Properties"
    • Copy the "Address ( URL )" code
    • Go to "Edit Profile."
    • In the tool bar directly above the box you type in click on the small blue square that looks like a picture, next to the smiley face.
    • Sometimes a bar will appear at the top of the page.
    • Click that and then click "Temporarily allow scripted windows".
    • Then click the blue box next to the smiley.
    • A small window should appear.
    • Paste the URL code you copied earlier into the box.
    • Click "ok".
    • The picture is now there.



    • You may use the normal URL from a picture for those of you that know how to use "Photobucket" and just paste the URL into the typing box, the picture will still appear either way.
  6. How do I edit my signature?

    • Go to your profile
    • Go to "Edit Profile".
    • Underneath the box where you edit your profile is another box called: "Signature".
    • There you may change your Signature.
    • Anything you type in the signature will show up at the bottom of every post you make, for everyone to see.
  7. How do I change my profile picture?

    • Go to your profile.
    • Go to "Edit Profile".
    • Above your "About Me" there is a "Profile Image" box.
    • If you already have a profile picture and you want to change it click "Remove Picture"
    • After you remove it, you may add another.
    • If you are adding a profile picture without already having one then that opition will already be there.
  8. How do I change my user name?

    • Go to your profile.
    • Go to "Edit profile."
    • Above the "Profile image" box there is a "Name" box.
    • What ever you type there will be your user name.
  9. How do I change my account settings?

    • Go to your profile.
    • Go to "Edit Profile".
    • There is a few tabs near the top.
    • One is Edit Account.
  10. How do I change my accounts password?

    • Go to your profile.

    • Go to "Edit Profile".

    • There is a few tabs near the top.

    • One is "Change Password".

  11. How do I change my Notification Preferences?

    • Go to your profile.
    • Go to "Edit Profile".
    • There is a few tabs near the top.
    • One is "Notification Preferences".
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Forums and Roleplaying.

  1. How do I find the Aqua Wolves, Moderators Lounge, and Chit-chat?

    • Go to "Discussion Forum".
    • There is a selection of places to go there.
    • Click on the forum you want  then the next one and your there, you may need to go to the previous page.
  2. What is the Moderators Lounge?

    • The Moderators Lounge is a place where only Moderators are allowed to go.
    • No members are allowed in the Moderators Lounge.
    • The Moderators Lounge is for Mikett and the Monderators to go to talk about improtant matters and other private things.
  3. What is Chit-chat?

    • Chit-chat, is a forums for any of the members to go to talk about anything they want to anyone else.
  4. What is the Aqua Wolves Pack?

    • Aqua wolves pack is the wolves pack this hole web site was made for.
    • Aqua wolves is where all the site members can go to RP or RolePlay as a wolf.
    • Meet new friends, fall in love, get a mate, have pups, or just play around.
  5. How do I post something in the forums?

    • Well first be in the froum your going to reply in.
    • Then at the bottom if you scroll down there is a reply box you can type in.
    • Type there what you want to say.
    • When your done click the reply button.
    • After that the website will normally put you back a few pages, sometimes not.
    • If it does just find the current page.
    • Anyone elses post will not just appear, you have to refreash the page with the refreash button or hit the "F5" button on your keyboard to refreash the page.
    • After that any post that were made will appear.
    • Ir no post appear, know on made a reply.
  6. What is Support?

    • The Support in the Fourms is where you can go if you have any problems with the site.
    • Mikett will check it daily to see to your problems and do what he can to fix the problem to make the site fit your needs.
  7. Whats the Idea forum?

    • The Idea forum is where you can go to make or creat ideas of your own that Mikett will try to add to the site and make it a better and funny place to go.
    1. The Brain Storm Room.
    • The Brain Storm Room is where you go to make up your idea or edit an Idea to make it better.
    1. The Idea Room
    • The Idea Room is where you take your ideas you have made in the Brain storm room to.
    • Its where you share your finished idea to Mikett and the other memebers
    • Mikett will possible take your or others ideas and use them on the site to make it a better place for people to come.
  8. How do I make my words I type bold and do other things like that?

    • You have to be somewhere, where you type a post like in the froums or just editing your profile.
    • Then where you type your reply at, type what you want.
    • After you have typed your words you can change what they look like in the tool bar at the top of the reply box where you type your comments.
    • You can highlight things make them bold and other stuff by draging your mouse over the word/words then clicking what you want in the tool bar to change the words you high lighted.
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Members and Moderators.

  1. What is a Moderator?

    • A Moderator is certain people Mikett as picked on the website.
    • Mikett has granted these people with the permission to help him with the site.
    • The Moderators are able to lock forums, unlock forums, add videos, delete members, delete post, delete forums, ect.
  2. Whats a Member?

    • A Member is people on the site that can participate in the sites many actives.
  3. Whats a Site Owner?

    • Exactly what it says.
    • A Site Owner is the person that owns the site which is Mikett.
    • He is incharge of everything on the site, and everything that happens on the site.
  4. How can I become a Moderator?

    • The only way to become a Moderator is for Mikett to make you a Moderator.
    • Mikett selects certain people to be Moderators, who are nice to everyone help stop fights and are trustworthy people to help Mikett keep the site in order.
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The Different Tabs.

  1. Whats the "Home" tab?

    • The Home tab is the home page of the hole site.
    • It shows the Alpha and more if Mikett adds it.
  2. Whats the "News" tab?

    • The News tab is where you go to see updates on the web site.
    • Also to see what Mikett has to say to everyone of Aqua Wolves.
    • Basically the News on the site.
  3. Whats the "Photo" tab?

    • The Photo tab is where you go to see all the different pictures that Mikett or the members added.
  4. Whats the "Videos" tab?

    • The Videos tab is where you go to see all the Videos Mikett and the Moderators add.
  5. Whats the "Members" tab?

    • The Members tab is where you go to get a view of all the Member, Moderators and more of the whole web site.
    • The Members tab is good for finding everyone's profile, so you can send friend request and other things.
  6. Whats the "Forums" tab?

    • The Forums tab is where you can go to see all the different fourms
    • Here is where you can find the Aqua Wolves pack at.
    • You may also find Chit-Chat and other things.
  7. Whats the "Links" tab?

    • The Links tab is where you go to see the multiple links to a lot of different sites besides Aqua wolves.
    • I hope with even this tab being here people will still come here plently.
  8. Whats the "Games" tab?

    • The Games tab is where you come to play games over this site.
    • The Games tab is good for curing boredness.
  9. Whats the "FAQ" tab?

    • FAQ actually stand for "Frequently Asked Qustions."
    • The FAQ tab is where you go to find answers to some of your qustions on the site and various things.
    • If your qustion is not answered here in the FAQ you may always ask Mikett for further information.
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  1. Is your question not answered here?

    If your question is not answered here you are welcome to:

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